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The crypto space is bloated with tokens with no real usecase and projects that use crypto in order to try and monetize ideas that in no way benefit from the blockchain. DogeWarrior is different. While developing our card game, we were looking for the best ways of monetizing the project, guaranteeing unique cards that could be freely traded among users, and a way for users to bet against each other. The blockchain was the obvious solution for all of our problems: it allows for the use of our own token for users to bet, buy, trade, and mint exclusive cards. DogeWarrior also creates a low-barrier gaming experience that allows users to safely and easily interact with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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We are DogeWarrior!

DogeWarrior is a fusion between gaming and crypto. Our multiplayer online game uses the DogeWarrior Token (DWR), deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. This token offers features such as autoburn, a liquidity generation mechanism, and rewards its holders with every transaction. Users can also use this token to interact with the entire DogeWarrior ecosystem.

The DogeWarrior project started before we even knew we wanted to use the Blockchain technology. The creation of a token and the integration with the crypto space came to us as obvious solution for the problems we were facing. What this means is that the DWR token has a real use case, and brings actual value and utility to the DogeWarrior community.

Besides our card-based fighting game, we have also started development on products which we will release in the next quarter. We have planned a NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Exchange (which will feature Yield Farming, Staking, and a Lottery), and a gaming platform with dozens of games which will make real use of the blockchain technology.

We are commited to this project and have a very specific goal in mind: to develop an easy to pick up and play card game with full crypto integration, that users can play both on desktop and on mobile.

Our Game

DogeWarrior is a card-based multiplayer online game that uses popular internet characters as its fighters. Collect, train, and level up your cards to upgrade your deck and have access to more powerful skills. Play against players from the entire world and earn DogeWarrior tokens to buy, trade, and collect new cards and exclusive, one of a kind collectibles.

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Our dedicated team stretches from the US over the Atlantic to the UK and across Western, Southern and Eastern Europe. Our interest for crypto united us to deliver a worldwide experience for our users.




Private Sale: 1BNB = 175000000000 DWR

Public Presale: 1 BNB = 150000000000 DWR

Launch: 1 BNB = 150000000000 DWR


4%: Team utility (Marketing, CEX listing, development)

2%: Auto LP

3%: Holders

1%: Auto Burn